I am David Rogerson, I am Ace Tattoo, which I started more than twenty years ago as the first and ONLY full custom shop in the East Bay. Now tattoos are very popular, and there are more shops that you can shake a stick at. You can come be tattooed by the original guy who started it all in the East Bay all those years ago. 

Ace was the ONLY tattoo shop in Contra Costa County for many years, and as result, I have tattooed tens of thousands of pieces of every possible description on every location tattooable. Ace was a humming street shop for a long, long time. The shop is now mainly by appointment, producing large scale Japanese style work, custom black and grey, and traditional Americana whenever I can.

I was taught the craft of tattoo by the great Mike "Rollo Banks" Malone at Sailor Jerry's shop in Honolulu, HI. SO, when I say "Sailor Jerry style American tattooing" I mean it.  That means SOLID line work with heavy shading that will be found by archaeologist when they dig up your bones in 2,000 years. This also means I produce the finest Japanese tattooing and delicate color that stands the test of time. 

I am easily reached via text or phone call, and am glad to create work that will make you proud. Ace is about you, the client and your happiness. I am easy to work with, and my rates are very reasonable, as I want to work with folks like me who work hard and play just a little harder.